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Lujza is a photographer and visual artist from Slovakia, having completed a Master’s degree at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava and a Bachelor’s degree at Canterbury Christ Church University, she has honed their skills and expanded their artistic vision through diverse academic experiences.

During Lujza’s studies, they had the privilege of participating in the renowned Erasmus program at FAMU in Prague for a year. This opportunity allowed them to immerse themselves in a vibrant artistic community and gaining valuable insights from esteemed professionals in the field, obtained new experiences in film industry, especially as film still photographer and camera assistant.

Her artistic interests lie in documenting the environment and utilizing found objects as a means of artistic expression. By capturing the essence of the world around us and incorporating unconventional materials. Her work is a reflection of the fragility of our planet, aiming to awaken a sense of environmental consciousness and empathy towards one another.

In addition to their photography and visual art, Lujza explores the realm of painting with a distinct approach, as well as creating ceramic objects. Embracing the power of coincidence and unpredictability, they infuse their paintings with an element of chance. Through experimental methods such as incorporating fire and natural elements, they allow the artistic process to evolve organically, yielding mesmerizing and unexpected results.


  • solo exhibition „Kopanice“ and Busstops | DAV Senica (SR) 2024
  • festival VNS | Považská Bystrica (SR) 2023
  • Spirit Open | Filharmonia Szczecin (PL) 2023
  • participation of european project Re:use | Prague (CZ) 2023
  • Elementary school Vrbovce | Vrbovce (SR) 2022
  • Dituria SC (Photo club ZOS) | Levice (SR) 2020
  • Farmstudio (artist residency) | Vysoká pri Mělníku (CZ) 2019  
  • Klub Fotografie | ZOS Senica (SR)    2018
  • Saleziánsky Dom Mládeže (solo exhibition) | Pardubice (CZ) 2018
  • “Moje kopanice” | City office Vrbovce (SR) 2017
  • Sidney Cooper Gallery (final student exhibition) | Canterbury (UK) 2017
  • Klub Fotografie | ZOS Senica (SR) 2017
  • Exhibition hall of Jiří Jeníček (FAMU) | Beroun (CZ) 2016
  • Czech centre (FAMU) | Milano (IT) 2016
  • gallery Panský Dvůr (FAMU) | Veselí nad Moravou (CZ) 2016
  • FAMU (final student exhibition) | Praha 2016
  • Klub fotografie ZOS | Culture house Senica (SR) 2016
  • Jewish synagogue | Levice (SR) 2015
  • Klub Fotografie | ZOS Senica (SR) 2015
  • Harbour Arm Gallery | Margate (UK)     2015
  • Technical university of Ostrava (student exhibition) | Ostrava (CZ)     2014
  • Klub Fotografie | ZOS Senica (SR)     2013
  • Ecocenter „Trkmanka“ | Velké Pavlovice (CZ)     2013
  • Klub Fotografie | ZOS Senica (SR) 2012

Curatorial work:

exhibition „Jubilanti

artists Viera Jozéfková, Roman Macko

ZOS Senica, 05/2024

exhibition „Zhmotnené emócie“

artist Miroslava Pavúčková

Turuk & Art Collective, 09/2023

exhibition 80. jubilee – Retina

photo club Retina, 24 members

Culture house Senica, 11/2022

exhibition „Obrazy, šperky a keramika“

artist Jana Hajdinová

Kúpelný dom Smrdáky 06/2021, 08/2021, 06/2022

exhibition „Photography and paintings“

artists Lucia Kuklišová, Ján Hromek

Coffeeshop Company Senica 06/2019

exhibition „Moje kopanice“

photographer Karel Gregor

ZOS Senica   06/2018